Below are over 70 summaries of various speeches, panel discussions and conferences. Most are on German-US politics and economics, but other topics include science (especially Falling Walls), digital economy and law (American Bar Association International meetings). One is over 20 years old, but they all have some value. The 2008 economic meltdown and Greek collapse are frequent topics. Also China, trade, the Middle East.  

2001 Henry Kissinger Remarks – 1-1/2 pages summarizing comments made by Dr. Kissinger only weeks after 9-11.

2005 Carnegie Bosch Innovation Conference – a 10 page summary of an excellent 3-day conference; possibly holders of MBA degrees will already be familiar with these insights. The participants also commented on differences between the US, Germany and other countries.

2008 Atlantik Bruecke – Canadian Conference – 20 pages on global warming and energy, including Otto Schily.

2008 Economy and Green Energy Report – 5 pages – U. Chicago economists discuss the recent economic collapse and energy, noting, for example, the importance of methane.

2009 Heard at Conferences – an 8-page summary covering global warming, terror, Obama early in his presidency, BRIC’s. Over 12 years old but still relevant.

2009 Afghan Briefing –  3 pages – this war is still going on, so this 12+ year old summary is still relevant.

2009 Atlantik Bruecke DC – 14 pages on an excellent conference including presenter  ex-Secretary of State Brzenski.

2009 Chicago Economic Forecast – 4 pages of predictions by U. Chicago economists post economic meltdown.

2009 Draeger Trans-Atlantic Conference – 17 pages on trade, standards, market segments and geopolitics shortly after the 2008 economic collapse.

2009 Dresdner Investment Conference – 26 pages of insights and predictions by 26 top German companies regarding their business prospects and the world market, post economic melt-down.

2009 German Canadian Conference – 14 pages on Afghanistan, BRICs and global trade from the German and Canadian perspectives.

2009 Klaus Kleinfeld – Alcoa CEO – 2 pages on a German executive’s views, including Obama, economic recovery and America’s lack of international vision.

2009 Where is Pharmacy to the World? – 5 pages distilling an academic paper by a Harvard Business School Professor comparing US and German pharmaceutical histories and concluding that the USA has replaced Germany as the leading manufacturer and developer of drugs.

2010 German Observations – 7 pages on every aspect of German life and business, including humor.

2010 Advantage Austria Conference – 8 pages on innovation and international trade as discussed by CEO’s of Austrian companies and economists.

2010 Atlantik Bruecke DC Conference – 30 pages on China, the economy and US politics (American Heritage spokesman says Tea Party is equally split Republican/Democrats), also Citizens United. Chuck Hagel and John Lipsky are included.

2010 German-Canadian Conference – 10 pages of discussion about trade, digital security and finance by top businessmen, diplomats and economists.

2010 Atlantik-Bruecke-Woodrow Wilson Conference – 19 pages on Afghanistan, Russia, Iran and the world economy.

2010 Atlantik-Bruecke-Woodrow Wilson Conference 2 – 16 pages on Afghanistan, Greece, China in Africa, effect of economic disaster on EU influence.

2010 Austrian Art Restitution – 16 pages on a 2 day conference regarding then new efforts by Austrian museums to deal with the aftermath of the Nazi era.

2010 Economic Presentation – 5 pages – a top US economist spoke off the record about trade, competition, politics.

2010 Five Presentations – 5 pages covering top economists, diplomats and Theodor Sorensen – author of Profiles in Courage, covering the growing wealth gap, the recession, Turkey and the role of international law.

2010 Fracking Conference Vienna – 17 pages on energy politics and pipelines in Europe, including state policies and traditions which affected petroleum extraction.

2010 ABA International Conference – 13 pages on arbitration, standards of justice, bubbles, China, trade, art restitution and bankruptcy

2011 Advantage Austria – 3 pages on US- Austrian relations, difficulties of networking in the USA and a frank assessment of US Congress.

2011 Austria Connect – 13 pages on Austria and its relationship to the USA, including education, cultural differences, outsourcing and a presentation by Nobel Prize Winner Eric Kandel. [NOTE DUPLICATE]

2011 Atlantik-Bruecke-Canadian Conference – 11 pages focused on EU budget problems, Greece, Turkey and Libya. Wolfgang Ischinger was among the speakers.

2011 Bouffier Speech – 2 pages – Minister President of Hesse, Germany talked about the Euro Crisis and US-German relations.

2011 Canadian Embassy Berlin – 4 pages on the world as seen from German and Canadian eyes, mainly the economy, trade and youth unemployment.

2011 CDU Speech – 3 pages regarding a speech by a CDU politician covering trade, economies and relations with the USA.

2011 FAZ Journalist – 4 pages on then current events, mainly in Germany.

2011 Falling Walls – 14 pages covering presentations (mainly science and technology) from the best international conference. Chancellor Merkel spoke.

2011 German Marshall Fund – 6 pages on the Republican Party, Obama, the EU and the world economy. The observations on the Republican Party are remarkably accurate.

2011 Werner Hoyer Speech – 2 pages on the Greek economic crisis.

2011 Claus Kleber, ZDF News Anchor – 2 pages with a news overview, including a shocking story about “President Biden” and Monica Lewinsky.

2011 Lobbyist Discussion – 2 pages of points regarding Germany, energy, debt.

2011 Princeton Economist – 3 pages on energy, debt and the international monetary system.

2011 Juergen Trittin / Greens Speech – 3 pages on the European economy and world affairs.

2012 Economist at a Major US Lobby – 2 pages of observations, largely economic, still dealing with the 2008 melt down.

2012 ABA International Conference – 21 pages covering 13 topics, including the Nuernberg Trials and trade secrets in Mexico. The range of topics is amazing.

2012 International Conference DC – 3 pages, despite being an international conference, many topics were about US voting – insights which have become only more important over time.

2012 Austria Science Talk – 2 pages in rough form about science study in Austria and what happens to Austrians who study there.

2012 Austria Conference – 18 pages on business (particularly Austrian ones in the USA), politics and science

2012 Republican Global View – 3 pages of observations by HK, covering the coming election, US and German politics and major world issues.

2012 Two German Experts on the Euro – 6 pages of observations by two experts, focusing mainly on the Greek crisis.

2013 Atlantik Bruecke Innovation – 3 pages with 27 points on how to encourage innovation. View the world like a dog. Get along without something basic for a week – like a refrigerator.

2013 Crisis Management – 6 pages on how to deal with all sorts of unexpected problems. Even if you are never responsible for the reaction, the memo can make you aware of the issues.

2013 von der Leyen and Hans-Juergen Klose – 3 pages about two different presentations. Von der Leyen has come a long way. Different parties, but remarkably similar. Turkey, China, immigration – all covered.

2013 Kornblum Speech – 4 pages on the Euro, consumerism, what would become Brexit and trade. Kornblum is very smart.

2016 Digital Economy – 3 pages on the digital economy from guilds to the internet.

2016 Digital Conference – 5 pages on the digital economy in the USA and Germany but with general trans-Atlantic information at the end.

2016 Digital Economy in Germany and Brooklyn – 6 pages on the effect of computers on society and the economy

2016 Russian Expert – 6 pages, a Georgetown professor and frequent TV commentator gave her take on Russia’s role in the world.

2016 Falling Walls – 6 pages distilling many interesting new, scientific development at a conference held on the day Trump was named US President.

2016 Michael Hayden – 6 pages on Europe, the USA and the CIA.

2017 Computer Allocation of Capacity – 2 pages about the physical and programming limits of computers in driverless cars and space vehicles, based on CMU professor lecture.

2017 Economic Outlook – 4 pages of predictions by 3 U. Chicago economics professors, including productivity, BREXIT, Merkel.

2017 Falling Walls – 8 pages covering advances in DNA, drugs, pollution and robots. Always amazing.

2017 Juergen Ruettgers, CDU Minister President – 4 pages on Trump, Polish and Turkish immigrants and German estate taxes.

2017 CMU Sports Analytics Conference – 2 pages on data and sports data as an example; CMU is a leading US computer science center, key to Pittsburgh’s transformation from steel.

2017 German Conference Gabriel – 3 pages including Sigmar Gabriel, NATO, Marshall Plan and Trade.

2018 ABA International Conference New York – 15 pages on block chain, privacy, Brexit and other international law matters.

2018 Falling Walls – 7 pages, largely focused on start-ups, including robots, block chain, the interface between humans and computers.

2018 German Studies Association Conference – 10 pages of US German history professors’ presentations on many aspects of German history, in particular Germany from 1900 – present.

2019 German-Canadian Conference – 8 pages on economics, elections, trade, China and data.

2019 Falling Walls – 10 pages summarizing a wide range of new, science-based developments and a presentation by Timothy Garten Ash.

2019 Falling Walls 2 – 9 pages on scientific developments.

2019 NATO Conference – 5 pages in outline form covering German and US defense, NATO policy, Trump and Russia

Benghazi Summary – 4 pages summarizing the official 39 page report on what happened; politicians and the public do not seem to care about the facts.

Brexit TV Interview – 4 pages in outline form listing most if not all Brexit issues, ones that indeed turned out to be the most relevant, even today, years later.

Gettysburg – 5 pages summarizing lessons learned from a retired military commander and a Penn State history professor. Management, news manipulation, military tactics and mistakes, all covered.

Afghanistan Report – 2 pages on talk by military expert.

Brief Observations by 4 Experts – 1 page of observations about international relations and politics.

2019 Washington Conference – 6 pages, various journalists and administration experts talk about fake news, trade, regulations Trump and China.

2019 German Travel Notes – 4 pages of observations about what is being discussed in Germany, but also travel notes on Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zurich

Michale Meyer – Fall of the Wall – 1 page summarizing the real history of what brought down the Berlin Wall. But no mention of Bruce Springsteen.

Ronald Harry Coase U. Chicago Economic Conference 2010 – 33 pages on markets, externalities, cap and trade, land development and spectrum auctions. Coase won the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Tapping Reece Law School – 2 pages, mainly on America’s first law school, but also a map on economic productivity 2013.

Verdienstkreuz Speech – 4 pages on receipt of Bundesverdienstkreuz.

Wealth Tax – 4 pages distilling pros and cons and history of a wealth tax from sources left and right.

German – US Differences – Americans think they are like cousins to the Germans, with few differences. Yet the number and extent of differences is great.